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The first need of a newly opened branch office of an Italian company in Serbia is to hire serious and professional staff, highly skilled in Italian language and highly motivated to follow the daily activities and to transmit necessary information to the management through punctual and accurate translation.

The need to surmount language barriers, eliminate possible misunderstandings and establish clear and effective communication is the basis for any business development.

The language implications work both ways. Foreign entrepreneurs are not only in need of highly skilled personnel proficient in foreign languages, but they themselves must also acquire some basic knowledge of Serbian language in order to better understand the local political, economic and social conditions.

For this reason, we established a partnership with the Faculty of Philology University of Belgrade, thanks to which our Clients will be given access to faculty database of final year students and graduates from the Department of Italian Language and Literature, which they may consider for employment or internship programs.
We are also able to provide tailor-made courses of Serbian language for foreign managers, to be held in the evening hours in order to better fit the Client’s busy daily agenda.

n addition, we also offer business and certified translation services.

All courses and training activities will be held at the university permises and will be organized by professional academic staff.